Access control systems (ACS)

Access control systems (ACS) are a complex of software and hardware means to ensure security and attendance tracking. Access control at any given room can be realized in a variety of ways, but with the ACS the process is easier and smarter. ACS is a part of the security system, but as surveillance system performs an additional function of tracking the movement of employees. Any employer is interested that the employees perform their duties and come to work on time, and allows you to keep records of visitors order and ensure the security of the property of the organization. The accounting of visitors allows the user to maintain order and ensure the integrity of the organization's property. In addition, some organizations may have a number of areas with limited access or access only to authorized persons. The guests’ registration and time tracking of the employees allows organizing the work of the enterprise in the best way. The staff can have different schedules, and the system is still able to take into account all the nuances and give the result on the legality of absences from the workplace and the amount of time they spend at work. As a rule the number of a lateness of the employees is reducing after the system installation. And if it is not, the employer has an opportunity to reduce the premium to the careless employee or set a punishment.


Every official that has a permission to access to the enterprise has a user ID. Such ID can be a device or a biometric feature of a person. The devices are usually RFID cards and biometric features are fingerprints, palm prints, iris pattern etc. An employee brings the device to a terminal or leaves a fingerprint on it to get an access to the facility. An identification number that is associated with a user ID is assigned to each employee for the organization of access. Personal information about employees, identification number and the extent of their access to certain premises entered into the database upon which triggered selective admission. The permission to access is triggered by the information that is contained in the database. The database contains personal information about employees, identification numbers and the extent of their access to certain premises. On our website you can find a number of devices for the organization of access control to the enterprise or to the office.