Apart Audio launches the AUDIOCONTROL12.8

Apart Audio launches the AUDIOCONTROL12.8 


AUDIOCONTROL12.8 is an audio matrix, but unique on the market thanks to its combination of audio processing, control processing and endless paging possibilities. The unit has 12 audio inputs and 8 audio outputs, plus additional SPDIF-input and output.



The integrated real time task scheduler can perform a variety of tasks that means the AUDIOCONTROL12.8 is suitable for many projects. Up to 120 addressable/programmable paging microphones/extenders can be connected, each with their own functionality and individual presets and up to 8 priority levels. DIMIC1/DIMIC12 and DIMIC12S are digital paging stations that are easy to configure via the host’s graphical installer interface.


Where DIMIC1 is an all call paging station, DIMIC12 is a zone and multipurpose paging desk. All buttons can be programmed to do exactly what you want them to do; page a zone, select a source, control the volume, recall a preset, trigger a macro or even do control functions of other devices like a CD player for example.  Per DIMIC12 you can connect up to 7 DIMIC12S expansion units allowing a total of 96 programmable buttons available. The DIWAC wall mount controller is ideal to control the AUDIOCONTROL12.8 in every single room. The wall mount controller is programmable via the host’ unit’s graphical installer interface to allocate the functionalities you need. Via the GII you can program the wall control to trigger macro’s or even control 3 rd party devices. The GII (Graphical Installer Interface) has been developed to be extremely installer-friendly, this makes it possible for every integrator to configure the required unique solution. The variety of installations where AUDIOCONTROL12.8 can be used is endless and only limited by the installer’s creativity.  


Technical features AUDIOCONTROL12.8 

  •    Audio & Control processing 
  •    Endless paging possibilities 
  •    12 audio inputs – 8 audio outputs 
  •    RS232 serial control 
  •    Configurable control functions 
  •    Extremely short propagation time 
  •    Built-in real time clock scheduler 
  •    Installer-friendly GII (Graphical Installer Interface) 
  •    Fixed architecture DSP platform 
  •    Macro programming possible 
  •    Fully programmable DIMIC1 and DIMIC12(S) digital paging stations 
  •    Fully programmable DIWAC (digital wall mount controller) 
  •    Designed by Apart Audio and manufactured in Europe 
  •    Dimensions: 483 (w) x 44 (h) x 310 (d) mm