Checkpoint’s Infinite Solutions

Checkpoint’s Infinite Solutions Giving Retailers What They’ve  Asked For… Providing Customers  What They’re Looking For 

Retailing has always been a tough business; even more so these days. Shoppers are increasingly demanding and fickle, putting constant pressure on retailers to streamline operations and ensure availability of merchandise. Items must be refreshed more often — and anything that gets in the way of having products on the shelf, when shoppers are ready to buy, must be prevented or eliminated.



That’s why shrink remains a major concern for retailers, who demand innovative and efficient ways to promote store merchandise in high-traffic settings, where the threat of theft is highest. So when several large retailers came to Checkpoint Systems with a common need—cost-effective visual deterrence—this leading supplier of solutions (think shrink management, merchandise visibility, and apparel labeling) responded with an uncommon answer—Infinite Solutions or, the Checkpoint ®  iS Series.


This new product line, closely developed with input from industry-leading retailers, adds an additional layer of protection to merchandise that otherwise might be left unprotected against shoplifting. “Infinite” because applications of iS Series products are, in a word, limitless. Hard-Tag Look with a Disposable’s Price Point There are currently three products in the iS Series lineup, with additional entries in the pipeline. All three products are designed to work with all Checkpoint EAS Security Systems. The iS Pro Tag is the first mid-density electronic article surveillance (EAS) solution. A natural fit for high-profile, high-risk items, such as jeans, jewelry, shoes, shirts, bags, and belts, it attaches easily to merchandise with a simple clip, applied in-store or at-source. The tag keeps items secure until purchase, is deactivated at point of sale (POS), and removed by the consumer at home.


The iS Surround Tag is designed for high-risk items stocked on open shelves, primarily boxed goods, from gift-boxed perfume and accessory packages to shoe boxes and small electronics. This disposable version of the Spider Wrap ®  solution from Alpha, a Checkpoint division, provides double security—its cord positions easily and noticeably around the package, pulling tight for a snug fit, and the permanent adhesive on the fixed EAS attachment (the alarm sounder) ensures that even if the strings are cut or tampered with, EAS protection remains securely fastened to the box. The iS Surround Tag gets deactivated—not removed—at POS, speeding things along there, too. Once home, the paying consumer can (excuse the expression) cut the cord.

The iS Peg Hook Tag is ideal for high-risk, single-hole rack items, such as packaged cosmetics, jewelry, small electronic accessories, and razor blades. It keeps products visible and easily accessible on the shelf, where customers can help themselves without assistance from store personnel. Like the other iS Series products, the iS Peg Hook Tag saves time at POS, where it’s quickly deactivated after purchase. Exceeding Expectations in Tests and in the Field During pre-launch tests, participating retailers specifically applauded the iS Series’ performance—increased speed at POS, improved on-shelf availability metrics on protected merchandise, and increased customer satisfaction with having merchandise available on open display.   “Working closely with our retail customers yielded this new iS product line, which offers fresh and much-needed solutions for these challenging environments,” says Farrokh Abadi, Checkpoint Systems’ president and chief operating officer for shrink management solutions. “These EAS products offer added flexibility to protect merchandise with the visual deterrence of a hard tag, the efficiency of a disposable tag, and the benefit of increased on-shelf availability of protected merchandise.” The new iS Series from Checkpoint Systems certainly delivers, giving retailers what they’ve asked for in-store while providing customers with what they’re looking for on the shelves.