DIGISTOR NVR Releases New Firmware for Operation Enhancement

DIGIEVER Corporation, a world-class network video recorder market leader, announces cheerful news that the latest firmware version is available now.


DIGIEVER always thoughtfully responds to customers' feedback and adds desired features. Other than enhancing the functions in the newest firmware, DIGIEVER continuously keeps the same design idea on both local display and remote web browser UI to largely reduce user's learning curve, especially analog surveilance system's users.


DIGISTOR NVR supports Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) feature for unexpected power outage. This function can provide emergency backup power to prevent accident or crime happened and to create a safe and secure society. With detailed UPS device information, users can estimate how long users can progress regular monitoring. Smart shutdown and startup feature is an automatic protection mode to shut down or to start up NVR when under or over the percentage of battery capacity.


DIGISTOR NVR features multiple web browsers in Windows system including IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera browser, which covers 90% of web browser usage around the world. Depending on user preference, users can choose their favorite browser to guard their home and city.


For efficient USB backup, DIGISTOR NVR provides one more backup method, virtual backup button, for users to export video files immediately. After configuring a maximum of days and hours to back up the latest video files, user can quickly export video files to external USB device through either hardware USB backup button or virtual USB backup button.


In addition, DIGIEVER DIGISTOR NVR has successfully integrated with over 60 IP camera brands and more than 2,000 models to  users’ requirements in various vertical markets. Upgrade the DIGISTOR NVR to the newest firmware to experience the advanced new features.