IP systems

IP systems become more and more popular over time.  The principle of operation of such systems is fundamentally differs from analog one, thereby opening the new opportunities of the survey. Nowadays IP systems are most often used in facilities where it is necessary to provide video surveillance of the extensive area. Such systems are usually installed in offices or in parking areas and also in malls, railway stations, large office buildings and stadiums. The quality of Full HD survey allows itemizing and zooming of any fragment of the image, if there is such necessary. IP cameras unlike the analog ones can operate independently. They don’t only shoot, but also convert footage into a digital format. Because of this, it is possible to connect the IP cameras to an existing network; broadcasting can also go through the Internet. The sound and image transmission, along with the power of the camera is carried on a single cable, which is undoubtedly a plus. IP cameras can be equipped with a motion sensor that allows shooting only at the time of the activity in the frame.