ITC Loudspeakers

The loudspeakers are designed to convert an electrical audio stream to an audible acoustic signal. Such devices may have different characteristics, both technical and external. The majority of the characteristics of the equipment depends on the scope of application of the device. There are models for indoors and outdoors application. The equipment for outdoor application should be resistant to humidity, protected of the external influences and have a higher level of durability. The loudspeakers for internal use can be mounted on wall, built-in in ceiling or placed on the floor. One or another type of the device can be chosen depending on the acoustics and interior of the premise. The ceiling models are the most popular for use in shops, offices, malls and foyers. These devices are designed especially for installation in a dropped ceiling. The ITC Audio Company presents a number of affordable and reliable models of ceiling speakers. The metal housings and protective grilles of the devices provide the strength and durability of the equipment. The usability and accessibility of the solutions for music broadcasting, presented by ITC Audio, would create a clear sound of audio accompaniment.