Line 6.9.2 Released

Line Video Surveillance System 6.9.2 has been released, and includes the following new features:


Dual Stream Camera Support
Take advantage of cameras with dual stream support to drastically reduce CPU usage and network bandwidth.


Support for 60 Channels
Line 6.9.2 has increased the maximum number of channels per server to 60, and the maximum number of cameras the client can display has been increased to 240. Take advantage of Line's Multi-Monitor Mode supporting up to 8 monitors, each of which can be configured to surveillance mode, alarm mode, or full-screen camera mode.


Dynamic DNS
Line's free built-in Dynamic DNS feature allows users to register their own domain name so they no longer have to worry about their IP address changing. Dynamic DNS registration can be done directly within Line and takes only 2 minutes.


Greater IP Camera Support
Support for 5 new camera brands has been added. You can now connect your Jassun, Neovista, Acumen, Dahua, and Falcon Eye cameras to your Line video surveillance server. Line 6.9.2 also sees support for additional IP camera models added for ViDiGi, Spezvision, D-Link, Hikvision, eVidence, Microdigital, and Panasonic cameras.


Line now supports over 1700 camera models from 70 manufacturers!