On-wall MASK

MASK4 Series   The most compact of the series uses a 4” LF driver and a dome tweeter on a Vari-throat horn. When you hear our junior, you’ll be looking for a much bigger loudspeaker. All MASK4 models…
Our mid-sized MASK is an extended-range full range loudspeaker fitted with a 6” LF driver and our smooth sounding dome tweeter on a Vari-throat horn. The sound will be projected over a wide coverage with…

APart MASK Series



MASK two way loudspeakers have been designed to fit in any interior and to be
applicable in most situations.The MASK supports shipped along, are a great tool for easy reliable installation and orientation.
Each model has a unique protection circuit which will only appear in the audio path when



• Modern adaptive (double face) design (MASK 4 & 6)
• All models available in black or white (MASK4 also in silver)
• All MASKs are paintable
• Weather resistant (MASK 4 & 6)
• INTELLI-MOUNT snap-on system for safe and reliable mounting (MASK 4 & 6)
• Lockable rotating ball (MASK 4 & 6)
• Wall and ceiling mountable
• Unique overload protection
• Double protective grill (MASK 4 & 6)
• Asymmetric tweeter horn design for wider dispersion
• Great power handling
• Smooth sound