Music broadcasting and alarm systems

There is a music broadcasting system in every restaurant, pub and supermarket today. The making of the good mood of the visitors of bars, cafes and restaurants depends on the atmosphere created by the musical accompaniment. The music in parks, squares, health centers and in amusement parks creates comfortable conditions for recreation. The equipment designed for music playback, in addition to basic can perform a number of additional functions. In addition to background music providing there is often a necessary of voice messages or alarm warning. The alarm messages are necessary in crowded areas. The alarm messages are necessary for public warnings in case of emergency. People’s lives may depend of these messages, so the equipment for their transfer should work as properly as possible.


An alarm message can be integrated with access control system that allows automatically open the doors and additional exits. There is a necessary of the number of equipment to provide the alarm system mounting. On our website you can find high-quality and reliable products for audio and alarm notification for all premises and outdoors. We offer the equipment of such well-known and certified manufacturers as Apart and ITC Audio. There is a necessary to choose loudspeakers, sound mixers, amplifiers, sound processors, sound sources and control devices for the organization of music broadcasting either indoors or outdoors. The alarm system will require additional equipment such as a microphone, for example. The music broadcasting system in supermarkets and shopping centers is often performs a function that also includes advertising or office voice messaging and emergency warning in case of the danger. In case of alarm event is triggered the sensor and broadcasting of the background music or announcements is interrupted, and the system begins to transmit an emergency alert message.