NVR (Network Video Recorder) is designed to collect and record video from IP cameras. The main functions of the device are the transmission of signal from cameras to monitors and storage of video data on the hard drives. The Network Video Recorder can be located at any distance from IP cameras, and record the data via network. Network Video Recorder is a specialized computer that has a good cooling system and power supply. The equipment can operate on Windows or Linux OS. Unlike the DVR, NVR does not compress the data received from the IP camera as the camera performs this operation itself. The other functions of the recorder are recording of the events on the schedule, event searching, searching by time and the recording after motion detection. The software allows the user to get a remote access to the data of the network video recorder. The device is easy to use and the user-friendly interface will simplify the training of the staff that provides the maintenance of the surveillance system. One can get an access to the data from the recorder using a mobile device on such platforms as Android and iPhone. The equipment, presented on our website is based on advanced technologies and reliability