Outdoor Security Cameras

Type of product: COLOR CCD & CMOS   Features:  Weatherproof Aluminium Housing   IR LED: ¢5X72PCS  IR LED Working Distance: 60M Lens: 2.8-12mm Manual Zoom Lens (2M pixels) Built-in IP66 Bracket, 3-Axis Direction Bracket Color 1/3" SONY Effio-E 960H CCD, 700TV Lines Low Illumination,  DWDR, OSD, UTC Dimension:255(W)x110(H)x105(D)mm Weight:1.7Kg
Type of products: COLOR CCD & CMOS   Features:  Weatherproof Aluminium Housing   IR LED: ¢5X42PCS  IR LED Working Distance: 40M Lens: 2.8-12mm Manual Zoom Lens (2M pixels) Built-in IP66 Bracket, 3-Axis Direction Bracket Color 1/3" SONY Effio-E 960H CCD, 700TV Lines Low Illumination,  DWDR, OSD, UTC Dimension:207(W)x184(H)x83(D)mm  Weight:1.4Kg 16pcs in one outer carton
Color 1/4" SHARP, 420 TVLines Low Illumination - 0,01Lux Lens: 3,6mm/F2.0 Energy consumption - DC12V/450mA 24 IR (20m)  
Color 1/3" SONY,  480 TVLines Low Illumination - 0,01Lux, Lens: 3,6mm/F2.0 Energy consumption - DC12V/450mA 30 IR - (25m)
Color 1/3" SHARP, 600 TVLines Low Illumination - 0,1 Lux, CS Lens 4mm/F2.1 (optional 6mm/F2.1) Energy consumption- DC12V/450mA 36 IR (30m)
Color 1/3" SHARP,600 TV Lines Low Illumination,  36 IR 2.8-12mm Manual Zoom Lens (2M pixels) exterior regulation
Color 1/3" SHARP, 600 TVLines Low Illumination - 0,01 Lux, Lens: 2.8-12mm (2M pixels) Externally adjustable focal length Energy consumption - 12DC/500mA 42 IR (25-30m) 
Color 1/3" SONY, 650 TVLines Low Illumination - 0,001 Lux, Lens: 2.8-12mm (2M pixels) Energy consumption - DC12V/800mA DWDR, OSD (DNR, PM, MD),  72 IR (50m) 
Color 1/3" SONY Effio-E,  700TVLines  Low Illumination -0,001 Lux, Lens: 2.8-12mm (2M pixels) ATR, OSD (DNR, PM, MD) Power requirement - DC12V/800mA 72 IR (60m) 
Color 1/3" SONY Effio-E,  700 TVLines Low Illumination - 0,001 Lux ,  Lens: 2.8-12mm Manual Zoom Lens (2M pixels) ATR, OSD (DNR, PM, MD) Power - DC12V/450mA 36IP - (30m)

It is necessary to install the outdoor security cameras to provide the safety of the facility. These cameras are used as part of the security system of banks, restaurants, parking areas and schools or entrances. The equipment used outdoors, must have high durability and other characteristics that provide protection from external influences. The cameras for outdoor surveillance are placed in special casings, which protect them from exposure of high or low temperatures, as well as moisture and direct sunlight. The cameras also must have dust protection. The casings of the devices for external use are made taking into account the possibility of accidental or intentional damage. The device is equipped with infrared illumination for shooting at night or at dusk; the range of the infrared illumination varies. If for some reason there is a necessary of hidden video surveillance one can use special compact cameras, which can be disguised under any exterior items of buildings. Many video cameras used on the street are equipped with turning mechanisms managed by the operator.