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Angle of views of video cameras, focal length lenses

The values ​​given in this table may be used for the selection of the lens cameras, knowing the distance to the object of observation and size of the object horizontally and vertically.

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Small Tag, Big Impact

One of the starkest realities of retail theft is the number of missed sales that come about as the result of customers not being able to find the products they want on store shelves. But as anti-theft tagging technology has evolved, retailers have been able to reduce shrink rates by more than 20 percent — in some product categories, by as much as 50 percent — and that’s translated into increased sales.

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Checkpoint’s Infinite Solutions

Checkpoint’s Infinite Solutions Giving Retailers What They’ve  Asked For… Providing Customers  What They’re Looking For 

Retailing has always been a tough business; even more so these days. Shoppers are increasingly demanding and fickle, putting constant pressure on retailers to streamline operations and ensure availability of merchandise. Items must be refreshed more often — and anything that gets in the way of having products on the shelf, when shoppers are ready to buy, must be prevented or eliminated.

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Apart Audio launches the AUDIOCONTROL12.8

Apart Audio launches the AUDIOCONTROL12.8 


AUDIOCONTROL12.8 is an audio matrix, but unique on the market thanks to its combination of audio processing, control processing and endless paging possibilities. The unit has 12 audio inputs and 8 audio outputs, plus additional SPDIF-input and output.

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Access Control Systems

Access control is crucially important for the security of buildings, property, employees and their belongings. It is about controlling and regulating who has access to, around and within buildings.  The degree of complexity of the access control system can vary in accordance with the end users requirements.

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