The design of the sound or alarm system in a supermarket, a public or commercial establishment, a fitness club or a restaurant demands choosing the optimally suitable equipment. The loudspeakers are the irreplaceable part of the music broadcasting system. The Apart Company, European manufacturer of the high-quality equipment for the acoustic systems, has developed several series of loudspeakers for use in different environments. There are devices with 100-volt transformers due to which it is possible to create a transmission line with a lot of speakers. Apart also produce low-resistance device models. The loudspeakers can be performed for mounting on the wall or for building in ceiling; there are also decorative stationary models and floor columns. The built-in ceiling devices can be used in rooms with high humidity such as pools or saunas. The speakers of MASK series are equipped with universal fittings to carry out mounting on any surface. Regardless of the type all models of the devices are reliable and notable for original design and high purity of sound.