Video surveillance

Today the CCTV is most often used facility to resolve the problem of control and safety of any object. Installation of video cameras has been a long commonplace not only for organizations whose activities are related to an increased risk of theft (banks, for example) also for the ordinary offices or small shops. Visual control of what is happening is not just for the recording and notification of alarm events, but also to track the daily behavior of employees of enterprises or domestic staff.

Any surveillance system consists of several elements - is the camera (analog or IP), DVRs/NVRs (digital or network) and monitors (special or regular). Different types of cameras are used for visual room or street control. Internal camera cannot be located outdoors, since they are not resistant to the environment and manifestations hostile climatic conditions. Outdoor camera most often use enclosed in weatherproof protective covers and can operate at high humidity be exposed to direct sunlight or exposed to low or very high temperatures.

The choice that you have to do before installing your video surveillance system - focusing on IP or analog system. Video surveillance on the basis of one or the other system has its own advantages and disadvantages that you can make the best use. Analog video cameras preferably to with a small number of rooms, but they can also be used for shooting long corridors or large yards, you only need to find the right lens. IP cameras allow you to shoot from a distance, while the image detail is of high quality. The use of IP cameras and more comfortable by the fact that access to the image with which you can get by simply entering to the Internet or connecting to a network. Analogue systems need a network of the cables that will connect them to the DVR.

No matter what type of video surveillance system you do not stop, choose high-quality equipment that will last for a long time and ensure the safety of your business.