This is a mini desktop constant pressure amplifier, with beautiful appearance, light weight, easy to carry, and it can be used for background music and radio in family, leisure cafes, classrooms, and other small indoor venues.

Function and Features:

1. With desktop design, beautiful appearance, light weight, and easy to carry.

2. Adapted into different sound fields. This series births 20W, 40W, and 60W. 3 models can be selected according to the desired size range.

3. Unmatched sound quality and speech intelligibility, which can be accessed from 4 to 16 Euro fixed resistance, meanwhile output can also be connected to 100V output, either within a short distance to play beautiful music, but also long-distance broadcasting beautiful voice.

4. The output terminal using a standard 6.3 audio microphone and line input jack using Cinch, provide users with different audio input interface options.

5. 1 Mic audio input, and with a separate volume adjustment control.

6. 2 road line audio inputs, respectively, to adjust the volume alone.

7. With automatic playback MP3 audio format songs, and with the function of power and memory.

8. With priority function, when a microphone input comes in, it disconnect the other input audio signal.

9. With power indicator light, when connected to electricity and turn on the power switch, indicator lights up in blue.

10. With signal lights, output indicators display different colors depending on the size of the display signal

11. With an amplifier function of short circuit, overload, over-temperature protection.

12. With MP3 function module, readable U disk MP3 file, SD card, and support for Bluetooth.

Входная мощность


Выход громкоговорителя

100В и 4-16Ω

Входная чувствительность и сопротивление

MIC:+5мВ, AUX:350мВ

Управление тоном

Бас:±10дБ при 100гЦ / Высокие частоты:±10дБ при 10кГц

Частота диапазона


Отношение сигнал/шум


Коэффициент искажений



От перегрузки, от перегрева и короткого замыкания


~220В-240В 50/60гЦ

Потребляемая мощность

120/240/320 Вт


284 x 188 x 66.5мм




Пара винтов M3.5×2.0

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