Sisteme de difuzare acustică şi alarmare ITC-audio

ITC Audio is a manufacturer of the equipment for acoustic and Public Address systems, in particular speakers, amplifiers and the technique for alarm systems. The Company has many quality certificates provided by the international community, such as EMC, IEC/EN60065, CCC, CSA / UL, ISO9001 and RoHS. The Company has been a producer of quality and reliable equipment for more than 20 years. Some models of speakers, manufactured by ITC Audio, are certified IP66 moisture protection and EN54-24 fire protection. Each product manufactured at the factories of the company is strictly controlled at all stages of production from design to final testing. The highest level of performance and durability of the company's products will provide all the necessary conditions for good functioning of the music broadcasting and alarm system. The equipment by ITC Audio comfortably fit into any decor and room acoustics and helps to create a cozy atmosphere in a cafe or in a restaurant. The alarm system, designed by the Company, will ensure the safety of customers of malls and supermarkets.